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Sparrow SMS API 2.0 Documentation

Last updated - 13th March, 2020

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Sparrow SMS is a leading VAS Provider based in Nepal. It currently provides SMS Gateway connectivity with the telecom operators of Nepal, currently supporting the following operators

1. Nepal Telecom (GSM + CDMA)
2. Ncell
3. United Telecom
4. Smart Telecom


Sparrow SMS provides both MT and MO APIs and supports with integration when required. Sparrow SMS Bulk SMS API (Version 2.0) is a RESTful API for sending Bulk SMS in Nepal.

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Enterprise Messaging Suite

Sparrow SMS has recently launched its enterprise messaging suite for the following services

  • Viber Bot and BOT applications (W.I.P)
  • Whatsapp Messaging service (Planned)

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Contact Details:

Phone: 01-5422942 / 9802005008

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